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Humpday Happy Hour

HHH Artist of the Year 2020

With Grunge Norris

It was a heavy fought battle from start to finish, and I just want to say a massive thankyou for everyone that participated not just in the finals but in the run up to the end, it was you all that made this possible so thank you! Jay

So we recorded a massive total of 12256 votes!! A Massive amount behind this yearly vote and a true testament to the artists showcased on here.

The Results, after all that’s what you want to know 🙂

HHH Winner of Artist of the Year 2020

VOX JANE HHH #1 2020

Involved in music for over 15 years. The team of Dalibroka Janevska and Filip Janevski come together to create the band VOX JANE;
Dalibroka Janevska vocalist and composer along with Filip Janevski  guitar, composer and the bands music producer have had many years experience in the music world, being in many bands until they created Vox Jane.
Hailing from Skopje in the beautiful country of North Macedonia, previously a state of the Former Yugoslavia, bordering Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria, rich in heritage culture and music, be prepared for this country to produce more outstanding musical talents such as VOX JANE.
The musical collaboration started back in 2003 when they created the group DINA  where in 2005 they released the music album “Returning to The Light”.
And now they are working on their newest project with “Something Beautiful” being the first of hopefully many new songs from the band.
Holding no less than (at the time of printing this) 10,190 fans on Spotify and receiving 2,540 monthly listens you know that this band is here to stay.
With the genre of music mostly alternative rock with an electronic ambiance, they like to indulge in the creative side of music!
You can Find VOX JANE on;