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It’s not every day I get to review an entire album, especially one that hasn’t been released in it’s entirety yet. I would love for you to meet 1I2C, a big player in the EDM scene from South East England sporting hard dance, trance, progressive synth funk tribal cyberpunky music that will keep you listening all night long.

1I2C’s latest album “Voices In My Head” is interesting to say the least, astounding to say more, and I found myself listening to this for hours on repeat before I decided to write about it because it is that deep, and vast of an album. The album comes in two parts, 12 tracks on Part One, and 11 tracks on Part Two.

These songs are in a constant state of high energy perfect for every occasion and every car trip. You could definitely exercise to this too! With the perfect blend of tribalism beats in the mix it’s sure to leave you feeling like a wild animal. On “Voices In My Head” we have a remix of a track titled “Oi” by a band that I have written about previously that captures your attention with the hot tunes from 1I2C mixed with the femme fatale style vocals of Diane from Ditsea Yella. If you haven’t completely lost yourself in the music by this point you will be.

I want to include a clip of 1I2C’s hits UFO here to tide you over while you wait for the release date!

Every track on this album is a brand new experience. The amount of skill and talent 1I2C is on display in full with this newest release. If you haven’t followed 1I2C yet, I strongly urge you to do so. Buy 1I2C’s music from Bandcamp

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